Amazing product

Muscle hammer is the best investment I have ever made. I had major tendonitis in my forearms from climbing. I tried PT, massage therapy, and acupuncture, but non of them really helped until I started using muscle hammer. Within 4 weeks, my tendonitis was gone and was able to increase my climbing by several grades. The benefit of muscle hammer is that it works on any soar muscle. So now I use it on a daily basis along with stretching. It has saved me hundreds of dollars because now I am not constantly going to PT, massage therapy, or acupuncture.

Dan L.
Rock Climbing

Relief of stressed muscles. Awesome

Relief of stressed muscles. Awesome piece of equipment. Body feels amazing after a couple uses!

Joseph Nguyen

I love it!

I use my muscle hammer after training in the gym or after long climbing days. It’s great for recovery and massaging out those knots! I’ve even woken up with a kink in my neck and I use that to massage it out and its fine right away!

Rock Climbing

Best thing I ever bought. Worth every penny

When I’m hurting and too tired to get a massage I just fire it up and target my sore areas. Best money I ever spent. You can adjust the power and the heads to target muscles differently. I just started working out seriously beginning of 2019 and my back and butt muscles get real tight and painful. My Muscle Hammer keeps me pain free and helps me sleep better. I don’t use anti- inflammatory medications anymore. I use it most nights before bed as I’m watching TV.
Definitely made a difference in my life. Pays for itself inside of a week!

Bita Kodi
Nurse Practitioner

Way better than paying for massage

The Muscle Hammer is awesome! I tried my friend’s unit for 5 minutes and was so impressed I bought one for myself. I couldn’t believe how fast it loosened up my back and neck. Way better than paying $80 for an hour massage!

Functional Training

amazing product

I have had severe neck and back tension for years and the Muscle Hammer has been a godsend for me. I use it every day and get immediate relief in just a few minutes. At first my husband was mad at me for getting it, but now he’s is addicted too! Thank you for making such an amazing product!

Susan K

Best portable massager on the market in my opinion. Helps speed up recovery and alleviate muscle tension and pain. Easy to use straight out of the box, and the carrying case is wonderful. I love that it is so quiet too. The other ones I have tried that look like power tools are too loud.

Cong Chiem
Rock Climbing

Love it!

I’m a rock climber and I’m so glad i found the Muscle Hammer! I never go to the gym without it now. It has helped my recovery time in between climbs and is super effective at loosening the knots in my muscles.

Celeste To
Rock Climber

I have had Sharper Image massagers, but nothing compare to the Muscle Hammer. It’s great to have in the gym bag. It works great to loosen muscle and promotes circulation to breakup lactic acid build up. The rechargeable lithium Ion battery last a long time between charge. Again, the best part about this massager is its lightweight, compactness and great user ergonomics.

Johnny Hung

Incredible tool. Every athlete needs one of these. I couldn’t believe how fast I got results from it. I use it on a lot of my clients and they love it too!

Tim B.
Personal Trainer

Got the Muscle Hammer for my daughter who Plays Beach Volleyball who has it in her bag everywhere she goes. Problem is I’m always searching for It ! Huge help for me with my Back Issues!!! Use it almost daily to get me started in the Morning. May have to purchase a second one just so I can keep it right next to the bed. So much better and cost effective than going to Airrosti or the chiro all the time!!! If you have athletes in your family, this massager is the best investment you can make!

Aaron B.
Former PGA Tour Player

My clients love it!

I have been a massage and bodywork therapist for over 20 years and I don’t really use “gadgets” in my work, but the Muscle Hammer was given to me as a gift so I tried it out. I used it on myself first and found it to really help loosen up my forearms. Then I tried it on a few clients and now they ask for it every time they come in! It has given me and my clients amazing results and I have tons of people asking where they can get one. It’s an amazing tool and very low cost for what you will get out of it. Not sure what I was doing before, but the Muscle Hammer will be in my bag of tricks for years to come!

Ken Smith
Sports massage therapist


The Muscle Hammer is an awesome device. It helped get rid of the elbow tendinitis I had for years in just a couple of weeks. Plus I use it every day to reduce tension in my neck and shoulders. Worth every penny!

Patrise N.


What every dancer, athlete needs on deck! I use it all the time. It’s the 6 different settings that really set the Hammer apart from the others. Love it!


Perfect tool for athletes and gym rats!

After a game or after the gym, nothing beats having a personal muscle massager waiting for you at home! Highly recommend.

Samantha Smith
Beach Volleyball

So Amazing!

I absolutely love my Muscle Hammer! I have chronic muscle tension in my upper trapezius, which resulted in frequent tension headaches. Since I started using the Muscle Hammer on a daily basis, the number of tension headaches I get has significantly reduced. I used to get several a month, but now it’s down to a couple a year. It may be a little expensive, but so worth it because I use the Muscle Hammer instead of making multiple trips to the chiropractor/acupuncturist/physical therapist. Yes, I’ve tried them all! I’ve had this issue for many, many years, so I’ve tried many different treatments, but using the Muscle Hammer on a daily basis is the only thing that works for me!

Boot Camp Training


I am so excited about this massage tool; let me try my best to explain why it is so fantastic. As a lanky, noodley, awkwardly built human, I find myself constantly dealing with random yet specific muscle tightness from weird extensions on the bouldering wall. This results in ipsilateral muscle compensation, which then leads to injury, so on and so forth. After just a week of muscle hammer-time (lol), I am noticeably less tight, less hurt-y (goodbye lingering forearm tendinitis), and have thoroughly enjoyed running up to climbers at the rock gym yelling, “do you wanna get HAMMERED?!” (an original catchphrase by Anna, you’re welcome).

TLDR: I highly recommend.

Rock Climbing

Game changer

This hammer is extraordinary. I have used other methods to help my tight shoulders and nothing works. The hammer really helped loosen up the tight muscles and help reduce the built up stress.

Awesome product!



I love my Muscle Hammer Pro. I have been using it daily and I’ve really noticed a difference in mobility because my muscles aren’t sore and tight. I lift weights and do conditioning drills daily and there are times that I train 2-3 times a day. The Pro model adjusts so that I can reach my lower lats. The variety of attachments are awesome because I am able to adjust the intensity and technique depending on which area I’m working. Watching the YouTube vids showing tips on how to use the Muscle Hammer were very helpful.

May Strickland

Personal trainer recommended for clients!

In the few short weeks I’ve used muscle hammer my ROM (range of motion), sleep, and squat/deadlift weights have all increased or improved substantially! Using this product on a muscle in the lengthened position either pre or post workout session drastically improves performance and reduces pain from soreness or tight muscles. I recommend this to all my clients and it’s so convenient I can use it while watching TV at night or I can carry it with me to various locations. If you’re serious about pain management or improving sport performance then this is a worthy investment!!!

Jessica Lynn Juniper
Body Builder/ PT

Love my Muscle Hammer

I love my Muscle Hammer & so do my clients!

Ivette Brosz
Massage therapist

Best thing for sore and tight muscles

This massage gun is amazing, targeting specific muscle groups and help release tension. I am a super active person and my muscles are always sore after a long day of working out, hiking, beach volleyball and long walks. I would go to massages once a week to get a deep tissue hot stone massage. After buying this product, there’s no need to go to the massage. I often have very tight IT Band which usually turns into pain around the knee. I use the spine attachment for it and what an amazing job it does massaging deep into the muscle! It’s good at releasing tension.

This product has helped to relieve shoulder soreness, tight leg muscles, lower back pain and acts as a simple relaxation device. It’s a pulse/vibrating massager. It comes with quite a few head options, all seem pretty effective for various areas (back, specific spot massage, broad massage, leg massage, etc.). Power frequencies and its quality are pretty good. I am love this product and have work it into my daily routine and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a quality massage gun.

Lisa Hoang
Beach Volleyball

Game changer for sports

In between volleyball games I would get stiff in my calves, but since I’ve been using the muscle hammer it’s been significantly better. You pretty much can use it anywhere, but I focus on my outer thigh, it band, hamstrings and calves. The battery life is solid and I only have to charge it weekly even with daily use. It comes with multiple attachments which work well. Overall very happy with my muscle hammer and will refer to friends!

Justin Chow
Volleyball and physical therapist

Great even for kids!

My brother and I both love our Muscle Hammer! It helps relax our muscles when we use it before, during and after our training. One key feature that works for us is that the various speed adjustments have percussion intensity just right even for kids our size. As it is so portable and has long battery life, we take it everywhere we go- gyms, crags, extended climbing trips. During competitions, it works amazing as it help de-pump almost immediately so I can be fresh for the next climb within minutes!

Boyer Brothers
Rock Climbers

Very Effective

The muscle hammer is very effective. I had nagging tightness with reoccurring pain in my shoulder following an injury. Sometimes it made it hard to stay asleep at night even after using other massagers. Yesterday I tried the muscle hammer, and it was waaaay more effective in breaking up the nagging tension than anything I have ever used. I had a great night of sleep following.because it was so effective. The angle of attack that the handle allows me to take with multiple speeds and pressure is great! It really is the best, most-effective massager that I have ever used.

Brian Shetler
Middle-aged professional who does weekend warrior things that cause aches and pains


What a great muscle and stress reliever! I use mine every day and even my associates use it! I have even taken it to the golf course to relax my back and then after to keep it loose!
Thanks for a great tool!

Dan Tsujioka

The best massage gun out there.

Check out my video to see why I love this amazing gadget.

Erik Delarosa

Muscle Pain relief

I use the Muscle Hammer everyday before and after my workouts. I notice my flexibility is increased when I use the MH before my warm up exercises in the gym. Also in the evening before I go to bed I’ll use the MH for 10 min. I wake up with less overall stiffness and pain. If you suffer from continuous stiffness/muscle pain, this is your solution ??‍♂️

Jim Riding
Medical Device Principal Rep